Result List: m2cai16-workflow

This is an updated list of the recognition results on the m2cai16-workflow dataset. To keep this list up-to-date, please kindly send your quantitative results as well as the corresponding report to

Authors Institution Mean Jaccard
Jin et al. (M2CAI 2016) The Chinese University of Hong Kong 78.2
Cadene et al. (ArXiv) (M2CAI 2016) Université de Pierre et Marie Curie 71.9
Twinanda et al. (ArXiv, M2CAI 2016) University of Strasbourg 64.1
Dergachyova et al. (M2CAI 2016) Université de Rennes 1 51.5
Sahu et al. (M2CAI 2016) Zuse Institute Berlin 45.0

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